March 17, 2009

Domestic Interior - Dickens St: Lounge

This is my home. I have been collecting shell necklaces for over 20 years, there are now more than 200. I also have a thing about orange, can you tell?

Botanic images sourced from a calendar.
New Zealand inspired teatowel in frame, collection of stamps above window.
Chinese urn with goldfish swimming inside.

Domestic Interior - Dickens St: Kitchen

Domestic Interior - Dickens St: Bathroom

Seed necklace collection and privacy ensured by tropical plants outside window.
Depression glass collection for bathroom bits and bobs.

Domestic Interior - Dickens St: Spare room

Basket collection and hula doll collection in the spare room.

Domestic Interior - Dickens St: Bedroom

Love the collection of straw images made in India.

Domestic Interior - Dickens St: Garden

Sunny and shady garden perfect for lots of succulents.

TV Series - The Elephant Princess

I created and fitted the costume for the lead character in The Elephant Princess TV series, Anala. [otherwise known as Siam who lives at the Australia Zoo in Queensland.]

Banquet creation to topple over....
I created the bagpipes, and flute.

The crown for the Princess that I created.

Domestic Interior - Westbury St: Lounge

Before: plain mat and no art on walls but good neutral lounge suite and Eames lounge and ottoman.
After: new art, mat, and side table

before: art hidden behind chair and large blank wall in dining room
After: art on wall and old wooden box as side table
After: art collection above fireplace
After: new green shag rug, more art on walls, toy collection on picture rail
After: art piece in hallway

Domestic Interior - Westbury St: Dining room

Before: disorganised bookshelf, no art on walls and art hidden high up on picture rail

After: bookshelf sorted, family and friends photo wall created


After: art on walls, globe collection created [there are tiny globe pencil sharpeners beside larger globe]

After: kids toy and art collection on picture rail now

Domestic Interior - Westbury St: Kitchen and bathroom

After: portable shelf moved into better position, clock above fridge
After: portable shelf moved, art on the walls
Before: messy display cupboards, bags behind door too bulky
After: cupboards organised
After: old kids art removed, space cleared


Domestic Interior - Westbury St: Spare room



Film - The Loved Ones: ICU hospital room

This 'The Loved Ones' set was created in a deserted old hospital, so all the equipment, bed, linen, chairs etc were hired and dressed in.