July 09, 2009

Crossed cushion

Creating new cushions for the couch in a chunky wool with embroidered graphic images to keep me occupied on the winter nights.

July 05, 2009

Art Work

A selection of my early art work.
From Sacred Heart Series [10 x 10cm, 1994] cast bronze, NZ handmade flax paper, beeswax, ink.
'Oh Really' [20 x 14 cm, 1994] cast bronze, handmade NZ flax paper, ink, beeswax
Violet collage [20 x 30 cm, 1993] handmade NZ flax paper, beeswax, found paper, ink
Sacred Heart Series [25 x 35 cm, 1994] cast bronze, handmade NZ flax paper, ink, beeswax

'Just Calm Down' [20 cm, 1994] cast bronze, handmade NZ flax paper, ink, beeswax

Art Work:Hung, Drawn and Quartered

This work made from tissue thin handmade NZ flax paper and called Hung Drawn and Quartered [2500 x 1000 mm, 1994] went up in flames by a missed placed candle at a very rocking party!

July 04, 2009

Art Work: Spiral Mirror

I made a series of cast bronze mirror frames and sold them in NZ design shops for a few years. This is one of the few left... Spiral Mirror [30 x 40 cm, 1994].

July 03, 2009

Art Work: I Owe You A Letter

'I Owe You A Letter' [25 x 20 cm, 1994] made from cast bronze and handmade NZ flax paper, printed, sewn and dipped in beeswax.

July 02, 2009

Art Work: Good News to the Sick

These nine pieces were in my final year exhibition at Nelson School of Design, Nelson, NZ where I did a Diploma in Craft Design. Called 'Good News to the Sick' [50 x 40cm each, 1992] each piece related to a herb that had remedial powers for the skin. Made from handmade NZ flax paper, moulded, printed and waxed, and backlit to enhance the reference to delicate skin.

July 01, 2009

Art Work: Datura Crest

In a previous life I created art and exhibited in New Zealand. This piece called Datura Crest [1200 x 1000mm, 1992] won the annual Young Contemporaries Art Exhibition in Nelson, NZ in 1993 [oh so long ago, the year after I finished art school]. It is made of flax paper that I handmade, moulded, printed, painted and waxed. It is called Datura Crest due the gorgeous garden that I lived in at the time that had this mysterious plant come up every year with the most stunning and sweet night-smelling flower and very very spikey seed pods. Otherwise known as Moonflower or Thorn Apple.