April 24, 2009

Street Art

I was allowed to steal these small xmas deco card cutouts by Paul Cosgrave [laser cut from recycled cardboard packaging] from the totally stylish Matterhorn Bar in Wellington, NZ on the last night of their showing.

So I brought them all back to Melbourne and found them all a lovely new home in Elwood and St Kilda.

Tropical Exterior: Dickens St

Before: entrance to Dickens St, far too much brick and pipe action for my liking.
The rose petals [many many hours of plucking rose heads apart at work were scored as left overs from the TV show The Elephant Princess's coronation day] were sprinkled on the ground to welcome my book club gals one Sunday.

After: many many plants that love the afternoon sun.

April 23, 2009


I have been writing chalk graffiti in my street for a while now, just things to keep me smiling and to pass a thoughtful or silly message on to passersby [who I can see thru my studio window reading them!]. I was inspired by Keri Smith's book The Graffiti Art Kit.
'Everything will be just fine' is a good mantra to have as you walk outside your home, or 'just look up we are both under the same starry sky'. Across the road is a wedding venue where I wrote 'this day will never happen again'. Or 'you look really good today'.
It still does not rain around here much so the chalk words last for ages.  I was very moved to find this note carefully waterproofed and taped to my fence yesterday!

April 14, 2009

Prop - Possum fur blanket

Possum fur blanket that I just made for a documentary about convict William Buckley living in an Aboriginal community near Geelong, Victoria in the early 1800's. The skins were sourced from New Zealand where there is an endemic possum problem killing off all the native forests. They are a real pest in NZ and it is great that there are now many cottage industries using possum fur... mixed with merino wool, tails as scarves or made into the groovy slippers that I wore as I sewed!
Stitched for many hours with waxed linen thread. Approx 2 metres square.

April 13, 2009

Exterior - Ghetto Garden revival

Dubbed the Ghetto Garden, a friend and I spent 4 hours reviving this garden for her daughter and their flatmates in their first flat. All they have to do now is water it!!
before: old tomato plants, weeds, sticks and poor soil but plenty of parsley plants!
During: found a stash of bricks for stepping stones, dug in Dynamic Lifter manure and water saving pellets.
After: Lettuce, rocket, bok choy, beetroot, thyme, oregano, basil, lemon verbena, leeks, silver beet, mizuna and calendula all mulched into their happy new home with pea straw.
During: planting vegetables and herbs
Before: view to house
During: pepper plants from old garden will love the new soil and mulch.
After.... will post new shots of garden in a month or so to see how it grows ...mmmmm

April 08, 2009

Domestic Interior - Dickens St: Kitchen plus

Bottle scrubber collection and Gaye Hawkes shell flower in potplant.
Star cookie cutters on wall with wooden fantail.

Wooden critters 

April 07, 2009

Domestic Interior - Dickens St: Lounge shelves

Shell lamps, and woven wall piece by NZ flax weaver Valerie Parkes continue the Pacificana theme throughout the home. Classic Ikea shelves with Ikea frames.
Mango wood lamp, teak candlesticks, art work by Sam Farquar.

Horn bird collection.