June 07, 2009

Dickens St garden

I planted this garden a year ago when I first moved here. There were no plants on the left under the eaves and poor dry hard soil.
I added compost and water retention agents and decided to plant succulents since I had heaps of 'pups' from my potted succulents.
My lovely communal gardener liked what I was doing and left a stash of succulent cuttings to plant.....only four have survived, the possums find them particularly tasty unfortunately.
One year later.....the garden has survived the drought and sporadic watering.

Since the grass between the gardens is so shabby I moved 140 bricks to create a solid pathway and extend the garden either side.  Nice. And more room for more plants, very pleasing.
The cerise Hebes will like life a whole lot more now with a bit of mulch and I am excited to watch the San Pedro Cacti grow to great heights. Planning to plant Victoria Blue Salvia (salvia farinacea) [but of course], some rose and citrus Pelargoniums, and dark red Geraniums...mmmm.

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  1. great work. If at first you dont successed try again!