June 01, 2009

Exterior - Ghetto Garden up-date

Wow! I wandered into the Ghetto Garden yesterday and was thrilled to see all the lush growth over the past 6 weeks and also some pretty floral additions by a resident's lovely mum. How good does that rocket look?... and you can see the buttercrunch lettuces are a big favourite, all the outer leaves munched already by the gals and the bok choy is flourishing as is the perennial basil [ocimum americanum]. There seems to be no big or little pests (the calendula and curry plant  [helichrysum italicum] and crazy stick sculpture dangling with keys, are all doing their job), only an unforeseen crop of stinging nettle.... plucked and chucked with gloves as these gals are not into nettle tea. Proud to see 20 year olds getting a green thumb.
Bok choy looking good on the left and the rocket in the front.
Basil is top far right... calendula in front.

see here for before photos.....

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  1. i just had to tell you-your gardens divine-singing and skipping-jo....